Privilege Of The Members & Affairs Of The Club:

  1. Every member is entitled for admission to bar room, card room, food zones, games, recreation, lodging or any other facilities and services available in the club. All the members are entitled to bring guest with him by paying prevailing guest fee. The bar room facility and the card room facility will not be available to the local guest. The outstation guest is allowed to enter the bar room and card room along with the host member.

  2. Every member is entitled to bring members of his family, i.e. his children (below the age of 25 years) and spouse with their I. D. without paying any guest fees.

  3. Members are permitted to bring any particular guest for a period not exceeding 36 days in aggregate in one calendar year and subject to not more than 3 days in a month. Members shall be responsible for all club dues or bills incurred by their guests and also for any misbehavior, indecency or breach of rules and regulation of bylaws on the part of guest.

  4. A register will be kept at the Reception of the Club. Every member will enter his name and the names of his guests with other details including the address of the guest in the register and shall be signed by the Host member.

  5. Local guest will not be allowed or admitted in the bar room and card room. If the local guest does so, the host member shall be liable for disciplinary action by the management committee as contemplated under clause 6 (c).

  6. The club may provide Refreshments at reasonable profits.
    The term refreshments mean and includes Alcoholic drinks (if and when permissible), Non Alcoholic and soft drinks, foods and eatables. The Alcoholic drinks will be served to permit holders only. Possessing of required permit shall be the entire responsibility of the concerned member. The bar shall remain closed on the dry days declared officially by the competent authority.

  7. Every member shall pay all the bills incurred by him or by his guest for the refreshments and drinks in cash and failure to pay in cash, the management committee will be at liberty to recover such bills with fine / penalty and necessary action in pursuance of provisions under clause 6 (a) (b).

  8. Members are permitted to hold parties in the club with due permission of the Secretary, provided the member pays in advance the rent and service charges as fixed by the management committee from time to time. Members are not allowed to bring Alcoholic drinks from outside which are available in the club, however if any member does so with the prior permission of the secretary of the club, he will have to pay the service charges as fixed by the management committee from time to time.

  9. The club will remain open for use of permit room from 12 noon to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. or as decided by management committee or as per the timing mentioned in the license of the Permit Room and Bar. The management committee may revise the timings for the reason recorded in the minutes of management committee meeting. It may be revised by the management committee for any club function with prior permission of the competent authority.

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