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1. The normal opening hours of the Card Rooms will be from: 3.00pm to 11.00pm on all days
Members are, however, permitted to play for one additional hour at the Main Rummy Room on payment of Rs.300/- on Thursdays and Saturdays
2. Cards will be provided and will, after use remain the property of the Club. New cards will be supplied as per current orders on the subject.
3. Rummy will be played in accordance with the "Law of Rummy" copies of which are available in the Rummy room.
4. Infringement of Card Room Bye Laws, by any member would be brought to the notice of the General Committee.

Main Bridge Room

5. Contract Bridge including three handed bridge but excluding Goulash may only be played in Main Bridge room
6. There are 16 tables in the Main Bridge Room. Out of this one table is earmarked for Canasta on all days of the week from 11.00am to 5.00pm. If the table is required for the club tournaments, the tables will not be available.
7. The permissible stakes for the Main Bridge Room are as follows:
Rs.1/- for 8 tables
Rs.5/- for 4 tables
Rs.10/- for 3 tables
8. Cutting in will be governed by the following rules:
(a) Not more than two members can cut in at one table at any time
(b) (b) Six members sitting at one table complete that table, and no other member can cut in at that table.
(c) A member on arrival in the Card room takes precedence over:
(i) a member who arrives subsequently, and
(ii)member cut out from a table subsequent to his arrival.
(d)Members playing three handed bridge will stop the game after completion of the current hand if another member wishes to form a bridge four.
(e)On completion of a Rubber only two persons are permitted to cut-in at one table.
(f)In case of an unfinished Rubber, it would be deemed to have finished and the cutting-in procedure of two persons would stand. Reserved Bridge room: The reserved Bridge room has a total of six tables. The charges for playing in the Reserved Bridge Room are Rs.150/- p.m. Reservation of tables is not permitted in this room.

Reserved Bridge room (Adjacent to Terrace bar)

(a)Reserved Bridge room has a total of four tables.
(b)Tables can be reserved by a member in his/her name with the receptionist indicating the time of commencement of reservation. The table so reserved shall be held one hour beyond the time, thereafter, the reservation will stand cancelled but the reservation charges will be payable. Reservation can be made 72 hours before the time for which the reservation is required and at least 24 hours in advance.
(c)Such reservation, when made, shall be charged for at the rate of Rs 50 per day, and shall be valid only within the authorized hours for use as laid down in the Rules and Bye Laws.
(d) Un reserved tables shall be available to members on a first come first served basis.

Rummy Room

1. The stakes will not exceed Rs 5/- per point. No hand that is played will be paid at a rate higher than 50paise per point. The prescribed maximum will not be exceeded even at a reserved table. Side betting is strictly forbidden.
2. The number of players at a table shall not exceed 6 in addition to one cut out.
3. Rummy will be played in the Rummy Room as per International Rules for Rummy.

Reserved Rummy Room

1. There are 6 tables in the Reserved Rummy Room
2. Timings and charges
From 11am to Rs.100 per table From 3pm to 7pm – Rs.50/- per table
3. Guest charges- Rs.50/-per guest.

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