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Dear Members,
Wish you a warm welcome.

It is a proud moment that Reforms Club has completed a glorious era of 112 years, since its inception in 1902. Over this long period, our Club has nurtured us and gave us wonderful group of friends. I feel honoured that the Members Directory is being published by the Club. It is indeed a great task, accomplished successfully by the Editorial Board.

Publishing Members Directory was a dream come true, and to the best of my luck all members supported me and made it possible. Ultimate aim of this Directory was bond of love and affection amongst the members. Now we are able to know each other precisely and we will share every joyful moment of life with each other, that's the spirit of Club which we are expecting. I would like to express my appreciation and acknowledge the efforts taken by all the members for publishing this Directory.

Mr. Gajendra W Deshmukh